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Pretty Thoughts is the much anticipated second collection of poetry and prose following Cindy Cherie's debut release of her best-selling book Confessions of Her. Cindy returns with her signature confessional-style storytelling uniquely touching on themes of love, loss, mental health, self-worth and healing.

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Confessions of Her

Release date: 27th September, 2020

Publisher: Central Avenue Publishing


Based on a true story comes the debut poetry novel release by Cindy Cherie. Confessions of Her is a tale of survival depicting how one young woman found love in herself, rather than searching for it in the arms of another.


This autobiographical collection of poetry and prose takes the reader on a journey of love and loss, entailing how she overcame heartbreak to ultimately, save herself.

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Zainab Wahid 

I have always been a fan of Cindy, been waiting for her to compile her work into a book for a long time. When I started reading I truly cried and I don't cry usually reading a book. But I just could not help myself, it was so beautiful. The whole book reminded me of one word, Sabr, Arabic word for patience. People usually console others by saying have sabr, God is with you. She has given hope and a push to live at times when it was hard to even imagine you would have survived heartbreak. She made me feel no matter what happened, you will get over it. That if you have Sabr, you will get over it and start living to your fullest. God bless her heart. She really is an inspiration


Andrea Pole

Many thanks to NetGalley and Central Avenue Publishing for the opportunity to read this ARC. Confessions of Her by Cindy Cherie takes us on a beautiful and empowering journey of passion, loss, and ultimately finding the love that we deserve within ourselves. The prose is deeply personal, and will certainly resonate with anyone who has ever experienced the agony of heartbreak. The unique way in which poetry and prose is presented is both effective and accessible, and I was completely swept up in the journey. Recommended.


Nicole Mattingly

This was a wonderful compilation of poetry, short stories, and stunning artwork. Cherie has a way with words and they flowed smoothly from one page to the next. The imagery created with the words combined with the raw emotions made this an impact read to the heart. There were so many pages that I marked to come back and reread later. It was published yesterday and is one I’ll be getting the physical copy of. I’ll also be reading any and all that Cherie releases in the future




This poetry book is outstanding. The author's story is relatable and her writing is evocative. The true story told in this piece is one that will resonate strongly with any woman who has been disappointed by men and experienced heartbreak and loss, it is perfect for any woman who is or has had to learn to love themselves instead of pinning their hopes on a knight on a white horse. Many of these poems are incredibly quotable and the word choice is sublime, I'll want to come back to this book again and again

Allison Nelson

Thank you to NetGalley for allowing me to read an eARC of this book!

"One of my greatest fears is I will die without finding a single soul who knows what to do with all this fire behind my eyes."

Wow! This story was written so beautifully. The way the author crafted the words of the verse and prose in this book was stunning. I found myself engulfed in the words from page one. The imagery and story telling was so unique but also relatable. It was real. The flow of words made this read go by quickly and I was turning pages and suddenly it was done.

We get to follow the narrator as they fall in and out of love with a man and then eventually, get to go with her as she learns to love herself. Again, the words are beautiful and I could read them for hundreds of pages. I appreciate the craft that is this book and am interested in reading more books with this style

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