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"I still hear his name floating in the wind

I just no longer try to catch it."



Do you have a book available for purchase?

I have two books published. Links to purchase can be found here.

What inspires your words?

Inspiration finds me in all sorts of wonderful ways however everything I write derives from personal experiences or dreams I have had.


Can I repost your words?

Unless otherwise stated all written work remains © Cindy Cherie. I love when people share my words as long as it retains its original form and credit is given. Please do not cut my name out of images or claim my work as your own or you may be liable for legal action.

Why did you change your signiture from 'Confessions of Her' to 'Cindy Cherie'?

Confessions of Her was my pen name up until July of 2016. All written works found with this signiture are written by me. I simply outgrew the name and desired my words to be more authentically labelled. 


Will you write something for me?

Sorry, I do not do custom poetry. 


Will you critique my work?

Thank you for thinking so highly of me, however, I simply do not feel adequate of such a task.

Will you promote me?

No, sorry, I cannot. 

Video responses to more FAQ can be viewed here through my Instagram stories.

For all other enquires please contact me directly.


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